Customer Relations Online

Business owners know that a domain or social media channel should have its content developed around their visitors’ needs. So how do you pick what is going to work? Actually, this query opens up much more possibilities because should you begin to see what your customers and prospects care about and are saying, you are […]

Improving Public Relations With Social Media

The way your business is perceived is extremely important. Social media can help track how your business is viewed by customers and also help interact with the public. With millions of people on social media, depending on your business you are likely to have a large community you can target with advertising and overall interaction. […]

Dealing with the Unsatisfied Customer

Not every customer is a happy customer, and there will be a time when your business is negatively reviewed, which is why you must deal with it quickly and effectively. A negative online review on your Facebook page, Twitter page or in a column of a local newspaper may deter other prospective customers from buying […]