Why Wait for a New Website?

Never forget the importance of your website. This is one of the golden rules of marketing and it will help you to achieve better results during your marketing campaigns. If you are putting off getting a new website, you need to think again. A new website should be coming your way as soon as you […]

The Importance of Colour Association

When deciding on branding and advertising, you need to understand that colour is one of the most important elements. By understanding the importance of colour, we are sure you’ll think carefully about what colour you choose. Colour is crucial when it comes to visual perception, for example when you look at warm colours such as […]

Outsource Your Marketing To A Creative Agency

From launching a brand to transforming an existing company, advertising is a crucial part of business and the campaigns you use can make or break your company. While doing your own advertising can save you some money in the short term, you might be harming your chances of success by not taking professional advice and […]

The Difficulties that arise when Rebranding

Rebranding is something that needs to be done from time to time, especially if your business has changed significantly. Some companies will ‘jazz’ up their logo, but if you’re taking it a step further and you want to create fresh brand, then you’re going to need to hear the voices within your company. Small business, […]

Building Brand Awareness on Facebook

A Facebook page can be really important for a business – not just because it’s place whereby you can spread your message and engage with your customers but because it’s a place where you can reach out to new customers and raise brand awareness. You can design your Facebook page to a certain degree, to […]