Does Your Brand Name Communicate The Message You Want It To?

Communicating a business message via a brand name is something many companies struggle with. By ensuring that your business name gives out the right message to your customers, you’ll know that there is no confusion in terms of what your business does. Many companies go for memorable names, think ‘webuyanycar’. The name is easy to […]

Dealing with the Unsatisfied Customer

Not every customer is a happy customer, and there will be a time when your business is negatively reviewed, which is why you must deal with it quickly and effectively. A negative online review on your Facebook page, Twitter page or in a column of a local newspaper may deter other prospective customers from buying […]

Brand Management

Brand management is a tricky business which requires in-depth knowledge of the product, the marketplace and the target audience. An analysis of these three areas should help to inform you on your product’s place within the market and what you can do to improve the product’s impact on your targeted audience. People have, for thousands […]