Improving Public Relations With Social Media

The way your business is perceived is extremely important. Social media can help track how your business is viewed by customers and also help interact with the public. With millions of people on social media, depending on your business you are likely to have a large community you can target with advertising and overall interaction. […]

Does Your Brand Name Communicate The Message You Want It To?

Communicating a business message via a brand name is something many companies struggle with. By ensuring that your business name gives out the right message to your customers, you’ll know that there is no confusion in terms of what your business does. Many companies go for memorable names, think ‘webuyanycar’. The name is easy to […]

2 Benefits of LinkedIn For Your Business

LinkedIn is the most business-orientated social media networks of all that’s available, so if you have a business it may be worth looking into. Below are two benefits of having a business LinkedIn page. Build your network: Networking is an important part of business nowadays. LinkedIn helps you to build a professional networking environment, which […]

Offline Marketing vs Online Marketing – Part 2

A continuation from our post earlier this week. Online Marketing The impact of online marketing has grown massively over the past few years, hence the shift from print advertising to paid advertising on search engines for example. SEO and PPC is one example where it’s cheaper to advertise online compared to print, which explains the […]

Offline Marketing vs Online Marketing – Part 1

With so many different ways to market your company, the on-going debate of whether offline marketing or online marketing is the most suited to a company, is one that needs exploring. Offline Marketing Offline marketing can mean advertising via print, to networking and TV adverts. Offline marketing is seen as a more traditional form of […]

3 Offline Marketing Tips

Offline marketing seems to be a forgotten method of campaigning, due to online marketing rising in popularity more and more as time goes on. If you feel as if you’re not doing enough offline marketing, then you probably aren’t! Check our top 3 suggestions to incorporate offline marketing into your method of marketing your business. […]